3D Privot is a project initiated by a German-Romanian Consortium of companies, research institutes and universities aiming to develop the necessary equipment and technologies for 3D printing a functional pancreas

Funded by European Commission via


Funded by UEFISCDI via PN3/Eureka traditional/Eureka clusters/Eurostars with project number E!12021-3dpivot based on contract C65/2018 with title "Bio printare 3D de organe vascularizate pentru producerea de insulina dupa rezectia tumorii", project coordinator LTHD CORPORATION SRL and project director Liviu Mihon.

Valoarea totală de la buget 711.306,00 RON 152.887,00 EUR
Valoarea totală cofinanțare (surse proprii) 497.182,00 RON 106.863,00 EUR
Valoarea totală a Contractului
1.208.488,00 RON 259.750,00 EUR



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